Christophe Otte has studied kinesitherapy/physiotherapy, osteopathy, orthopaedics, chiropody and other specializations which help to understand and care for the human body. He did this by vocation. Thanks to these different trainings, he quickly became aware of the necessity to analyse the body in its dynamic globality if one intends to understand the origin of pain. He also understood that it’s essential to treat pain in the postural lesional gesture in order to allow the body to recover its dynamic fluidity.

It is on these observations that in 2002 he developed a ‘dynamic posturology’: orthokinesy.
This therapeutic discipline analyses and treats both human posture and the coordination of the movements.
ounder OPS Clinic
Christophe Otte
Founder OPS Clinic - Orthokinesy
"The majority of injuries occur while moving: during sports activities, walking, etc. Since our studies, we learned how to manipulate the patient while lying down on the examination table. However, the body is withdrawn then from gravity and no longer subject to tensions that may be at the origin of its postural pains.

The brain is equipped with what we call an ‘injury memory’. This means that it remembers under what circumstances an injury occurred. Each time the patient will carry out this gesture again, there will be a hesitation at the moment the amplitude is reached. This microscopic avoidance is a dynamic proprioceptive disorder which causes, in the long run, muscular and fascial defence tensions.

By asking the patient to make this movement and by treating it simultaneously, we send signals to the brain that will favour a recalibration of the gesture and a reharmonization of the muscular, fascial and articular tensions.

Depending on the orthokinesic assessment (postural and dynamic), other treatments complementary to the manipulation may be necessary to rebalance and durably release a posturo-dynamic proprioceptive disorder".

Each posture has its own story...
Let's rewrite it together !

Unstable ankle
1997 : Sprain
in the woods
Fragile back
2002 :
Herniated disc
because of
a bike fall
Painful hips
and knees
2004 : Torn cruciate
ligaments when
playing soccer
Painful feet
2007 : Calcaneal spur
Tight neck
2013 : Car
2015 :
Stress because of



Orthokinesy allows you to benefit from the achievements of different medical professions specialized in biomechanics. It makes the link between kinesitherapy/physiotherapy, osteopathy, posturology, chiropody... to provide you with lasting therapeutic results.


Orthokinesy has the relevance of performing high-tech body analyses that detect the disturbing postural and dynamic causes that generate pain. We offer you a detailed report in order to help you better understand the origin of your bodily discomforts.


Orthokinesy helps you understand the dynamic relationships between the different parts of your body. It supports you in a global way, both statically and dynamically.


Orthokinesy can be used as a treatment if you suffer from chronic pathologies as well as pathologies related to the practice of sports, no matter whether you are an amateur or a professional.